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The draft report for the completed Lake Walks study is now available for public review. The report identifies 10 priority pedestrian projects in each of four areas of Lake County: (i) Clearlake; (ii) Lakeport; (iii) the unincorporated communities (Nice, Lucerne, Kelseyville, Middletown and others); and (iv) the state routes, or highways (20, 29, 53 and 175).

Please submit any written comments on the report by Monday, November 11, 2019 to John Speka (Lake Area Planning Council) at info@lakewalks.org. You may also submit comments in person at the November meeting of the Lake APC Board of Directors, when the Board will consider approving the report. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, in Lower Lake, at the offices of the Lake Transit Authority (9240 Highway 53).


The Lake Walks study has compiled an extensive inventory of pedestrian project ideas around the county (see the Feb. 2019 update below). From that inventory, we have shortlisted the 100 or so project ideas that are most likely to improve and encourage walking. We are now analyzing these shortlisted projects in more detail in order to prioritize them.

The shortlisting was based mostly on the projects’ Walk Score and their proximity to key pedestrian destinations such as schools, parks, commercial areas, bus stops and community centers. Click below for lists and maps of the shortlisted projects.

On the project lists, shortlisted projects are those with at least one score shaded in green. A small number of additional projects were shortlisted at the request of city or county staff or because they represent “Safe Routes to School” priorities; their scores are shaded in orange. Lastly, projects being eliminated have scores shaded in red; these projects tend to be on the periphery of communities, away from pedestrian amenities and in areas with less potential for walking activity.


The first part of the Lake Walks study was to compile a countywide inventory of gaps, needs and project ideas in terms of pedestrian facilities (these include sidewalks, paths and street-crossing improvements.  The inventory consists of: (i) projects proposed in previous plans and studies; and (ii) ideas proposed by the community during our recent round of public outreach (see the Jan. 2019 update below).

The gaps, needs and project ideas appear on the maps and tables below (click on each one to open it).



January 2019  |  COMMUNITY INPUT

In mid-to-late 2018, we asked the community for input on pedestrian gaps and needs in Lake County, and for project ideas and suggestions. Opportunities for the public to participate included an online survey, a pinnable map and comment cards handed out at public events and community centers. Specific project ideas and suggestions submitted by the public were incorporated into the inventory of gaps and needs (see the Feb. 2019 update above).


The report listed below summarizes our community outreach effort, while the appendices list all the comments we received.